The activities of the Council are implemented by a small staff, under the direction of a full-time president. Council staff members provide support to expert panels with research, writing, and overall management of logistics in the production of assessments. Staff members also support the work of the Scientific Advisory Committee, particularly with respect to analysis of proposed assessment topics, identification of panel membership, and report review processes.
General inquiries:  613-567-5000
Media inquiries: 613-567-5000 ext. 228
Publication and Product requests: 613-567-5000 ext. 266


Council Staff

Elizabeth Dowdeswell, O.C.
President and CEO
ext. 222
Aled ab Iorwerth
Research Associate
ext. 275
Jennifer Bassett
ext. 274
Janet Bax
Program Director
ext. 267
Laura Bennett
Research Associate
ext. 271
Dane Berry
Associate Program Director 
ext. 278
Anna Buczek
Specialist, Communications
*Currently on maternity leave
ext. 270
Tom Bursey
Vice President, Corporate Services & CFO
ext. 224
Rebecca Chapman
ext. 281
Jody Cooper
Coordinator, Assessment Communications
ext. 226
Tijs Creutzberg
Program Director
ext. 232
Kristen Cucan
Program Coordinator
ext. 264
Marija Curran
Corporate Affairs Coordinator
ext. 221
Marc Dufresne
Senior Bilingual Publications Specialist
ext. 229
Andrea Hopkins
Program Coordinator
ext. 268
Stefan Jungcurt
Research Associate
ext. 262
Jeff Junke
Coordinator, Social Media and Communications
ext. 257

Tess Lin
Program Coordinator
ext. 231
Suzanne Loney
Research Associate
*Currently on maternity leave
ext. 265
Kelly Loverock
Coordinator, Communications and Website
ext. 266
Tracey McKinlay 
Executive Assistant to the President
Coordinator, Project Office
ext. 260
Cathleen Meechan
Director, Communications
ext. 228
Emmanuel Mongin
Acting Program Director
ext. 284
Nancy Neil
Manager, Office Operations
ext. 223
Samantha Rae-Ayoub
Senior Manager, Publishing and Planning
ext. 256
Joe Rowsell
Research Associate
ext. 253
Christina Stachulak
Senior Program Director
ext. 259
Kori St. Cyr
Research Associate
ext. 225
Andrew Taylor
Program Director
ext. 263
Jonathan Whiteley
ext. 300
Weronika Zych
Program Coordinator
ext. 227


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