Camilla Mällberg

Project Coordinator

Camilla Mällberg is a Project Coordinator at the Council of Canadian Academies.

Prior to joining the CCA, Camilla worked in Sweden, the United States, and Canada at various organizations, such as at the Sweden Green Building Council. In 2016, she was recognized as one of the top volunteers with Ecology Ottawa, a non-profit environmental organization where she studied Ottawa’s Complete Street policy and implementation framework.

Camilla, originally from Sweden, attained a Master of Science in Geography (program: Globalization, Environment and Social Change) at Stockholm University. The program focused on the interconnections between physical, biological, and social processes as they affect the environment, as well as how to analyze global environmental and social issues, such as the driving forces behind global environmental changes. Her interest in sustainable development resulted in her master’s thesis: researching quality assurance in the review process of the Swedish environmental impact assessment (EIA) system.

Prior to her master’s, Camilla obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) in Environmental Studies from Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina, where she was also a member of the women’s golf team. For her bachelor thesis, she studied the potential contaminant impact on an urban stream passing through a golf course in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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