The Expert Panel on Energy Use and Climate Change


Keith W. Hipel, FRSC, FCAE, Co-Chair University Professor, Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON)

Paul R. Portney, Co-Chair

Former Professor of Economics, University of Arizona and former President, Resources for the Future (Santa Barbara, CA)

F. Michael Cleland

Private Consultant (Ottawa, ON) 

Debra J. Davidson

Professor of Environmental Sociology, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)

Eddy Isaacs, FCAE

Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (Calgary, AB)

Mark Jaccard, FRSC

Professor, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)

Vicky J. Sharpe

Board Director and Senior Fellow, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) (Toronto, ON)

Sara Jane Snook, FCAE

Independent Engineering Consultant (Halifax, NS)





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