Sean Broadbent

Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Director, Environmental Management Planning Group, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)

Dr. Sean Broadbent is a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Director in the Environmental Management Planning Group at Simon Fraser University whose research focuses on assessing impacts and risks in major project planning. Dr. Broadbent has instructed university courses in sustainable environmental management and presented on marine spill risk at conferences. Previously, Dr. Broadbent was a transportation consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dr. Broadbent obtained his PhD in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University and a MBA in Business Economics from Oakland University.

He completed his doctoral research in major project planning in the energy sector that included an evaluation and assessment of marine oil spill risk. His doctoral thesis was nominated for the Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies.

Dr. Broadbent has consulted First Nations involved in regulatory review processes for major oil pipeline and tanker projects proposed on the British Columbia coast. Along with Dr. Tom Gunton, Dr. Broadbent submitted evidence to the National Energy Board providing an assessment of the risks and costs associated with potential spills from pipelines, marine terminals, and tankers.

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