Victor M. Santos-Pedro

Former Director, Marine Safety, Transport Canada (Ottawa, ON)

Mr. Victor M. Santos-Pedro was the Former Director of Marine Safety at Transport Canada, responsible for ship construction, equipment and boating safety. Previously, he was the Regional Director, Marine, Prairie and Northern Region, at Transport Canada and a Consultant Naval Architect.

Mr. Santos-Pedro has over 35 years of experience dealing in marine and offshore matters, with emphasis on regulatory issues and particularly Arctic shipping. He is a specialist in national and international consultations leading to progressive development and application of standards.

Mr. Santos-Pedro was a member of the first Board of Directors for QACE, an independent entity based in the United Kingdom providing oversight in the quality assessment of international rule-making marine organizations. He was the Chair of Design and Construction and first chair of Fishing Vessel Safety sub-committees at the Canadian Marine Advisory Council. He was the Canadian lead on the Arctic Council’s Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment Report, developed jointly with Finland and the United States for the Arctic Council. Mr. Santos-Pedro was the Head of Delegation for Canada at the Maritime Safety Committee and other sub-committees at the International Marine Organization. He also led original development of the Polar Code starting in 1992, in place today as the Guidelines for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, and to become mandatory in January 2017.

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