Understanding Research Integrity in the Canadian Context


  • What definitions do research institutions, i.e. post-secondary institutions receiving funding from the granting councils, employ for research integrity in Canada and how could these approaches be made more uniform?
  • How would the Canadian definition differ from that of other countries, including the United States and why? How do we align the approach used for research integrity, by the granting councils and the Canadian post-secondary institutions, with that of leading countries and emerging global standards?
  • What actions would be considered to constitute research misconduct in a Canadian context?
  • In light of a clear definition of research integrity, what are the roles and responsibilities of those involved in research (including researchers, scientists and research and academic institutions funded by Canada’s granting councils) to uphold this definition and the key principles and practices, including roles and responsibilities for education?
  • How could a common research integrity definition foster a research culture of high ethical standards and instill public confidence?

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