Marja Makarow

Chief Executive, European Science Foundation (ESF) (Strasbourg, France); and Professor of Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland)

Professor Makarow has served as Chief Executive of the European Science Foundation since January 2008. She is a professor of molecular biology and former Vice-President of the University of Helsinki.  Professor Makarow is an advisor to the Finnish Government in the Council for Research and Innovation Policy, and to the European Union Commissioner for Research in the European Research Area Board. 

Professor Makarow has served as a member of a number of committees dealing with research, assessments, doctoral training, researchers’ careers, infrastructure, innovation and technology transfer in Finland and at the European level, and has served on boards and strategic councils of several universities. She was a member and chair of the jury of the world’s largest technology prize, the Millennium Technology Prize.

Her numerous responsibilities have included the presidency of the European Molecular Biology Conference and membership of the council of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. At present, she is chairing one of the evaluation panels of the European Research Council.

Professor Makarow is the recipient of several awards, honours, and decorations, has published widely in reputed scientific journals and has served as expert for research funding organizations in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland and Ireland.

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