George Greene

Founding Chair, Stratos Consulting (Ottawa, ON)

George Greene is a founder and former Chair and President of Stratos Inc., a sustainability management consultancy. He is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Environment, University of Ottawa. He was the Inaugural Kinross Chair in Environmental Governance at the University of Guelph. In the 1990s, George was Deputy Head of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and subsequently served for eight years as a member of the IUCN Council and Chair of its Governance Committee. He has been an environmental manager in the oil and gas and mining industries, and was Director General of policy development at the Canadian International Development Agency. George has led Canada’s international teams to the Global Environment Facility, the Convention to Combat Desertification, and the World Summit on Social Development.

George is one of Canada’s most respected sustainability leaders. He has over 40 years of experience in policy, governance, and management of natural resources and the environment with a particular focus on energy, mining and nature conservation. George provides strategic advice and practical recommendations to international organizations, federal/provincial/territorial and Indigenous governments, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. He has focused his work over the last several years on policy and regulation of natural resources development in Canada.

He is a past member of the board of the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation, and the board of the International Institute for Sustainable Development. He holds a Master of Environmental (Chemical) Engineering from the University of Toronto.

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