Catalyzing Canada's Digital Economy

The Government of Canada launched a public consultation on the Digital Economy on May 10, 2010 that ran until July 9, 2010. The consultation sought input on the following five areas:

  1. Capacity to innovate using digital technologies
  2. Building a world-class digital infrastructure
  3. Growing the information and communications technologies (ICT) industry
  4. Digital media: creating Canada’s digital advantage
  5. Building digital skills for tomorrow

The Council proactively assembled a panel to provide input into the government’s public consultation.

The panel submitted its report to the government's public consultation on July 9, 2010. The report, Catalyzing Canada's Digital Economy, draws on and extends the analysis of the Council's 2009 report on business innovation, Innovation and Business Strategy: Why Canada Falls Short.


Expert Panel membership

The Council assembled a seven-member expert panel to provide input into the government’s Digital Economy Strategy. The expert panel was chaired by Dr. Peter J. Nicholson, Inaugural President of the Council of Canadian Academies.

For a complete list of panel members, visit the Expert Panel Membership page.

For related inquiries, please contact:

Samantha Rae Ayoub, Communications and Publishing Director at 613-567-5000 ext. 256 or



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