Marcel Côté

Founding Partner, SECOR Inc.
Montréal, QC

Mr. Marcel Côté is a founding partner of SECOR Consulting. Over his 30-year career as a senior consultant, he has specialized in strategy consulting for management throughout Canada and in France.

Mr. Côté holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA) and is a Fellow of the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University. As an economist, he specialized in technological and regional development, a subject on which he has written several books and in particular, “By Way of Advice: Growth Strategies for the Market Driven World”, Mosaic Press, 1991, and with Roger Miller, “Growing the Next Silicon Valley”, Lexington Press, 1986. Before cofounding SECOR in 1975, he taught at the Université de Sherbrooke and the Université du Québec à Montréal.

During his career, he also has acted as a consultant to government leaders in Quebec and Ottawa. He sits on the Board of Directors of ING Canada, Empire Ltd., Osisko Mining Corporation, and Neuroscience Canada.  Mr. Côté is active in community organizations, particularly he Chairs the Montréal Community Foundation, participates in Compagnie de danse Marie Chouinard and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He is a former Chair of the Public Policy Forum.

Mr. Côté served as a member of the Assessment Panel on Innovation and Business Strategy: Why Canada Falls Short.

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