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December 14, 2009

Ottawa  - On behalf of the Board of Governors and the Leadership Transition Committee for the Council of Canadian Academies, I am pleased to announce that Ms. Elizabeth Dowdeswell has agreed to serve as Interim President for the Council, effective January 4th, 2010. As Interim President, Ms. Dowdeswell will be responsible for the Council’s day-to-day management and direction. She will serve in this capacity for a three month term.

This appointment will allow the Leadership Transition Committee to continue their work in selecting a new President in the coming months.

Ms. Dowdeswell is currently the Chair of the Council’s Scientific Advisory Committee and will continue on in this capacity. Ms. Dowdeswell has had a distinguished career including serving as Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations. She has also served in senior management positions in the federal government, the provincial government and the private sector. Ms. Dowdeswell holds a Master of Science degree in behavioural sciences from Utah State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in home economics, a teaching certificate from the University of Saskatchewan, and nine honorary degrees.

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