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April 22, 2016

Canada’s aging baby boomer generation is changing the demographic profile of this country, matching a worldwide trend. By 2036, it’s anticipated that there will be 9.8 million Canadians age 65 years and older. These shifting demographics will have an impact on the national transportation system, presenting a range of challenges and opportunities for decision-makers.

Many seniors value their mobility and are often active volunteers and avid travellers. Access to transportation is essential to connecting them with services, supports, and activities. As more and more Canadians enter the senior demographic, reliance on the national transportation system is expected to grow. This shift provides a strong motivation to explore innovative strategies that can help encourage and facilitate the use of the transportation system by seniors, while also making it more accessible for all Canadians. In Canada, the national transportation system includes air, rail, marine, and inter-city bus modes of transportation. Anticipating this need, Transport Canada approached the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) to prepare an expert panel report that addresses the following question: How can technology and innovation help the Canadian transportation system adapt to the needs of an aging population?

“We are very pleased to receive this request for an assessment,” said Dr. Eric M. Meslin, President and CEO of the Council of Canadian Academies. “The multidisciplinary expert panels assembled by the CCA are well known to produce objective, authoritative reports that arm decision-makers with an understanding of the state of the science.  We welcome the opportunity to inform policy decisions regarding the future of Canada’s transportation system, and we thank Transport Canada for referring such an important question to us.”

Under the guidance of the CCA’s Scientific Advisory Committee, a multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral expert panel is being assembled. It is anticipated the final report will be released in late 2017.

To learn more about this and the CCA’s other active assessments, visit Assessments in Progress.

For more information, please contact:

Samantha Rae Ayoub
Communications and Publishing Director
Council of Canadian Academies
613-567-5000 ext. 256

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