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April 19, 2010

The Review of the Council of Canadian Academies — Report from the External Evaluation Panel 2010 and the Council Response document are now available.

This formal, third-party review, conducted by an eminent group of experts, was undertaken on the occasion of the Council’s fifth anniversary, as a key requirement of its funding agreement with the Government of Canada. 

The four-member External Evaluation Panel was chaired by Margaret Bloodworth, a former senior Canadian public servant. Additionally, the Council was honoured to have a distinguished Canadian researcher, and senior members from its international peer organizations (the Royal Society in the UK and the National Academies in the U.S.) participate on the Panel.

The Panel was asked to assess the extent to which the Council is meeting its objective to contribute to shaping evidence-based public policy that is in the public interest. 

The Panel agreed, without hesitation, that the Council has been delivering on the objectives set out in its founding documents and providing value in informing public debate and decision making in Canada. Their insightful evaluation made observations about the Council`s performance and provided clear direction about future key areas of focus.

The Council’s Board of Governors has considered the Panel’s findings, concurs with the recommendations presented, and has already begun to act on them. The Council Response document provides highlights on how we will be moving forward.

Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Council of Canadian Academies

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