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October 5, 2011

Canada’s oceans are undergoing unprecedented changes and are being stressed in numerous ways, which has profound implications for future development opportunities and also creates societal challenges. Ocean science problems are complex and addressing them will require a high degree of coordination among various scientific institutions and technology hubs. For Canada to maintain its world class position in ocean science, the Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities (CCORU) has asked the Council of Canadian Academies to undertake an expert assessment of ocean science, focusing on the environmental, economic and social opportunities, and societal challenges, in relation to Canada’s oceans.

In the preparatory phase, the Council will help to determine the priority research questions identified by Canadian oceans experts from all sectors that could form the basis for a research plan for Canada’s oceans. During the second phase of this project an expert panel will be convened to provide an independent, evidence-based assessment of the needs of ocean science. The panel will also provide an overview of the state of Canadian ocean science including the infrastructure, technology development, and commercialization capacity necessary to implement this research plan. This expert assessment will include the identification of best practices regarding strategic investments and models of governance to establish strategies for action.

For more information on this assessment visit the assessment page.

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Samantha Rae
Manager, Communications
Council of Canadian Academies
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