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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We are once again at a time of new beginnings and new resolutions. Who among us hasn’t promised to eat better and exercise more? Since health is top of mind at this time of year, we decided to give this newsletter a health-based theme.  

Questions about health permeate our culture and our daily lives. We hear or read regularly about the health challenges people face every day. We are constantly informed about new health research advancements and ethical debates regarding controversial treatments. We are deeply interested in the state and future of our healthcare system as we cherish what it provides and want to ensure continued high-quality care for all Canadians. Yet the system faces many challenges as it evolves to respond to technological advancements, economic pressures, and societal needs. Understanding the facts, having the evidence, and working to develop effective policies and programs are central components to addressing the many complex factors that impact our health system. The Council’s role is to provide the evidence and science on various issues of importance to Canadians on issues such as these. 

In recent months, we have been asked to take on some important health-based assessments on subjects such as therapeutics for children, food security in the North, health-risk communications, conducted-energy weapons, and wind turbine noise. I am confident that the reports will inform conversations that will lead to effective and meaningful public policies in support of better health.

In this health edition of E-news, our Fellow in Focus is Dr.  Stuart MacLeod, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences and Professor of Pediatrics in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. We are pleased to have Dr. MacLeod chair the Expert Panel on the State of Therapeutic Products for Children. His insights in the interview will give you a better sense of the challenges associated with pediatrics and medicine. The Spotlight article highlights the opportunities that exist with telemedicine. In a country as large as Canada, leveraging technology to provide care is critically important—and integrating telemedicine into our health system might be the panacea we are looking for. Council researcher, Jennifer Bassett, penned our Perspectives piece. Her article considers how Canada is working towards improving its immunization system.

I hope you find something in these articles that resonates with your personal interests and prompts you to follow our work in the months ahead.

Elizabeth Dowdeswell, O.C.

President & CEO


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