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Issue 14, November 2013

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of Council E-News, your source for updates on the Council's assessments, corporate activities, its Member Academies, and science in Canada.
President's Message 


The word innovation seems to be on everyone's lips these days, perhaps because it is a driving force that for generations has propelled both economic and social progress. It is through innovation that significant advances are made that ultimately influence how our society operates. For example, banking has moved from weekly visits with the local branch teller to managing our finances online, without ever having to step foot out of our home. Today, the incredible adoption of smart phones and tablets is changing the way we communicate and the way our children and grandchildren are learning. Innovation is clearly at the heart of a modern and growing society and it is through innovation that we are seeing the emergence of industries in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information and communication technologies. These are exciting times. Read more.

Expert Panels at Work


On October 15th, the Council released a new expert panel report entitled The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons. The assessment was conducted by a 14-member panel of distinguished and multidisciplinary experts from Canada and abroad. Justice Stephen T. Goudge of the Court of Appeal for Ontario chaired the Expert Panel.   

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Fellow in Focus

Dr. Claude Lajeunesse, FCAE


In this issue of Council e-News, we speak with Dr. Claude Lajeunesse, a member of the board of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. Dr. Lajeunesse, a native of Quebec City, was also a member of the Expert Panel on the State of Industrial R&D and a former President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, which he joined in 2008 following his tenure as President of Concordia University in Montréal. Prior to this, he served as President of Ryerson University in Toronto for 10 years, where he led the institution through significant increases in enrollment, helped redevelop its academic and research programs, and engineered a renewal of campus facilities. He is also past President and CEO of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Read more.

Spotlight On...
Innovation in Canada is a tricky subject. While we are home to major technological and engineering achievements like the Canadarm, much of the discussion around Canadian innovation focuses on the country's comparatively weak capacity. Despite this, Canada continues to be a place for new ideas and innovation thanks to a collection of strong organizations such as the Network of Centres of Excellence, business incubators, and entrepreneurial programs. These networks help to foster our country's reputation as a source for new products, businesses, and discoveries. Read more. 
Around the Council


The Council warmly welcomes its newest Board of Governors member, Dr. Carol P. Herbert, FCAHS. Dr. Herbert, Professor of Family Medicine at Western University, replaces outgoing member Dr. Thomas J. Marrie, FCAHS. We also wish to thank Dr. Marrie for his excellent service.


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News From the Academies

This section features news from the Council's Member Academies: the Royal Society of Canada; the Canadian Academy of Engineering; and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Read more.


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President's Message
Expert Panels at Work
Fellow in Focus
Spotlight On...
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News from the Academies

Did you know?


In 1978 two professors from the University of Waterloo were approached by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to develop an inexpensive hand-operated pump that could easily and continuously provide thousands of people, including those in developing countries, with access to drinking water.

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