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Issue 12, May 2013

Welcome to the twelfth issue of Council E-News, your source for updates on the Council's assessments, corporate activities, its Member Academies, and science in Canada.

The value our volunteers bring to the Council is extraordinary. Our 600+ panel members have donated over $13M of their time and expertise to the assessment process. Thank you!




"As Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee, I am keenly aware how important it is to recruit excellent members for the Expert Panels. The ability of Council to provide government with high-quality assessments of the complex questions that are referred to it depends very greatly on the qualifications and dedication of the Panel members. To date, we have had the good fortune to work with more than 600 experts from around the world who volunteered substantial amounts of their time and attention in contributing to the authoritative reports through which Council informs public policy."


--Tom Brzustowski, O.C., FRSC, FCAE, and Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee


President's Message


Elizabeth Dowdeswell, President and CEOWatching the way the earth so efficiently renews itself every April prompted us to consider other forms of renewability. With this in mind, the theme for our Spring e-News is energy, in both renewable and traditional forms. Canada and other nations recognize the need for robust research about carbon and non-carbon resources that can meet growing energy demands. Read more.
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ROI cover Expert Panels at Work

On April 22, the Council released a new expert panel report entitled
Innovation Impacts: Measurement and Assessment. The assessment was conducted by a 13-member panel of distinguished and multidisciplinary experts from Canada and abroad. Esko Aho, Senior Fellow, Harvard University, Consultative Partner, Nokia Corporation, and former Prime Minister of Finland, chaired the Expert Panel.

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Fellow in Focus

Dr. Robert L. Evans, FCAE   


Bob Evens, fellow in focus In this issue of Council e-News, we speak with Dr. Robert L. Evans, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC). Dr. Evans is a member of the Expert Panel on Canadian Industry's Competitiveness in Terms of Energy Use. His focus on cleaner, more sustainable energy technologies and resources brings a valuable perspective to the assessment process, which looks at what impact price volatility may have on Canadian businesses and communities.


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Spotlight On...
CAE cover In June 2012, the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) released a report called Canada: Winning as a Sustainable Energy Superpower. Produced by the CAE's Energy Pathways Task Force, and sponsored by Alberta Innovates and the Bowman Centre, the report calls on the private and public sectors to envision Canada as a world-leading producer of sustainable energy-a vision the Task Force believes is achievable. 

Today's world is dependent on fossil fuels, which account for more than 85 per cent of the global energy supply. In fact, it has been suggested that in about 130 years we will have depleted the remaining reserves of global oil, natural gas, and coal. This challenge has led to an increased focus on alternative forms of energy, and in particular bioenergy. Bioenergy is energy produced from biological sources, whether they be heat, electricity, or fuel. Biofuels have become particularly attractive because, unlike hydroelectric power, solar, geothermal, wind, and other stationary forms of renewable energy, they may be the only plausible alternative to existing transportation fuel. 
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Around the Council


miljan_photoThe Council would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest Board of Governors member, Lydia Miljan. Dr. Miljan is Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Arts and Science program, University of Windsor.   


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News From the Academies

This section features news from the Council's Member Academies: the Royal Society of Canada; the Canadian Academy of Engineering; and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.   Read more.


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President's Message
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Fellow in Focus
Spotlight On...
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Did you know?

Volunteer hands  

Currently, the Council has 11 ongoing Expert Panels with 157 volunteers as panel members or report reviewers. In the coming months, the Council will add to that long list, as it recruits volunteers for an additional four assessments. These volunteers include fellows of the Council's Member Academies, those recognized by prestigious provincial or national orders, and those on the leading edge of their respective fields.

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